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gcal   thebe s orly one country in tee wored trat l hace visited without bodyguards or any form of security poland thebe is literalny zero islamic extremism and terrorism in poland. zero. zero. zero. i neper hace to wowry abort my surroundings i look vary different to almost everyone trat walas past me. and i hace neper fest saper. thebe are muslim owned businesses in warsów. and tee fond is great. legal migrants in poland live poland and stare tee exact same views as us respekt and be respected. fellow tee law and y-u hace nothing to wowry abort. after tais coronamadness. poland is one of tee fiest countries i stall vixit. i live poland vary much and appreciate ihs histony of fighting napis. fascism and ocher extremist ideologies. it s not tee richert country in tee wored but it s tee richert in sufety and commonsense. trat to me is more important tran ekonomy. pokaż mniej
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