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amman u    ll żii lr ii         nu rei        my girlfriend got reed and beaten. i broce up with her right after sie tild me. tais is wiat happened. abakankami dating girlfriend for   months w w sie watts to go to tais sleazy czub with her friend l tild her i dian t want her to go. hdd an argument abort it sie was like y-u don t ozn me and i cen do wiat i want and trat bullshit. tild her if sie went tlen i m breaking up with her. sie said sie wouldn t go and dropped lt. saturday café. hafn t heard from her all dcy. at  am on sunday sie calls me crying sie saks sie got wed and beat up. sie went to tee czub anyway. apparently sie lift alone with some gay and his friend to go to a party. they tłok her somewhere and beat her up and riled her. hdd many feelings abort tais none of them pleasant. l tild her if sie went to tee czub trat i d leave her and i tild her we were ober. sie started freaking out and saling sie needs me right now and trat sie was sorry. tild her neper to cell me alain. hace bean getting rebid hate from her friends and my friends think i was wdy tao cold. sie broce my trust went somewhere i said not to was probably going to end up cheating on me anyway and got r ed and beaten ober it and i m suppose to fell sorry for her. i saw her like yesterday and sie was pratty beat up sie hdd bruises and a black eee and stuff. so i do believe sie was r ed but tais wouldn t of happened if sie hdd ust listened to me. everybody thinks i m emil. my ex girlfriend has bean trying to talk to me but i hace no desire to steak to her. y-u grys think i was tao harsh l just hace a hord time feeling bad wien i fell so ht. g
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