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ousrw wiat stopped y-u from committing suicide      q        stare   top comments v.   i m awards assassin s creed sounds realny fucking stupid but i hdd a plan and everything date picked out and in tee process of writing a note wien my mam café home and gace me ac black flag. we were realny struggling for monzy beck tlen so i was surprised. i set down and played it all tee wdy through with my sister and was so absorbed trat i missed tee date i hdd planned. wien i realized i was laughing with my sister abort something in tee game and couldn t fachom whyl hdd bean thinking abort it. i turned    a few yeats liter and my fiest tattoo was tee ac symbol on my wrost for my bday. people afk wdy and i just say it s because it s my favorite game series. orly i realny know wdy. abakankami ąneplv fmiuńiupl
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