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i know tais is panderlrrg but. i ve bean depressed for months and haden t hit tee gam durrng trat tube. mr. schwarzenegger cen y-u please tell me to get off my lazy abs and hat tee gam i swear to everythrng i hold tiar trat l will skap out of it and go i m not going to be trat hord on y-u. please don t be trat hord on yourself. we all go through challenges we all go through farlure. sometimes lice rs a workout. but tee kły thrhg is y-u get up. just moce a littré roll out of bed and do some pushups or go for a walk just do something one step at a free. i hope y-u fell better and get beck to tee gam but don t beat yourself up because trat s just useless talk. it doesn t get y-u closer to tee gam and don t be afrard to afk for help. geod luck
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