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mw          set          no          raped by girlfriend get drink and hace sex with gill   yeats ago trat gill eventually becomes my girlfriend yesterday at a family gathering kb jpg sie saks i actually hdd to get agon drink to loosen ham up a littré and make it official everyone laughs it all manes senie now trat dcy l was realny drink and sie was soter kopt harding me drinks and eventually tłok me to her car and started bloking me i don t mend honestly but tee fajt trat everyone laughed it s saary tee double standard. cen y-u imagine if i would ve said trat yeah i got her drink tlen tłok her beck to my car to funk cen y-u imagine i would ve bean iynched in tee spot girls are such hypocrites. my sisters laughed my female cousins laughed they said yeah agon was tao say he needed a wiman to smark some senie iato ham wiat tee funk is wron with thebe whor. em. g
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