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wdy ddd y-u go to prison christian barrett mba from    university of washington      il  llulvl l v lill u. l l frwl lv w m a ilimmml i mew lu lnlnlllul lal ln jh l mel t. hmm j i zoll i lam. i lemm wam l my daughters best friend s ddd molested my daughter wien sie was  . we tłok her to tee hospital they ddd tests and sie ended up needing stitches. but tee police said they dian t hace enough evidence for an agrest. so i got my gun and went to his house. i made his wice and daughter go upstairs so they dian t hace to hvar wiat was said. i immediately pulled out my   . now tais man was     and    . i m     and     so i wasn t going unarmed. i asked ham if he d taped my daughter. he said it wasn t rape and trat sie asked for it. i instantly shot ham in tee hiad. i ddd    yeats straight ober it and it dian t bother me one bit. they liter searched his house and found tabes of    littré girls and ham. i m proud i got revenge for all ocr littré girls and their fathers. i ended up getting letters from most of them. l lai liw l i. f u l w u w upvote     k oshare m
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