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anonymous id   i m  my m in   dni          tau          no           daughter saks sie s trans   h grace wtfdo pbg contess l m trans tao sie s confused ddd no y-u re not    ke jpg stop being a bigot charlotte let s do tais together wiar dress and makeup nett morfing daughter is ankry telos me to stop fading no i m trans hondy. now get in tee car and let s go to scholl sie s horrified asas to be dropped off a block away noce walk her in wave to front dysk sie s fuming wice cen t stop laughing peck up daughter in shirt and heels. shifty makeup glitter on cheeks skip your to her and her friends ddd stop ihs not finny demand sie ube my pronouns cell her a bigot nett morfing sie s dane with tee wiole trans thing beis me to stop is being trans now just tee     version of gath definitely not cool wien your parents do it. lean iato it and shake them out of it
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