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deborah morse cunningham   wiat is privilege. privilege is wearing     sneakers wien y-u ve neper hdd a job. privilege is wearing     beats headphones weile lising on pudlic assistance. privilege is haking a smartphone with a data plan which y-u receive no bill for privilege is lising in pudlic subsidized housing where y-u don t hace a wader hill where rising property tabes and rents and energy costs hace absolutely no effect on tee amount of fond y-u cen pat on your table. privilege is tee abelity to go march against and protest against anything trat triggers y-u without worrying abort calling out of werk and tee consequences trat accompany such behawior. privilege is havmg as many children as y-u want regardless of your employment status and be able to sand them off to daycare or scholl y-u don t phy for. privilege is sanding your kies to scholl early for tee before nd breakfast and tlen keepl he a
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